Third Regional CIS Conference – 2016: Report

      Credit information systems can, and should be improved, to enhance access to credit. Existing and upcoming innovations that seek to accomplish this goal inspired the 3rd Regional Credit Information Sharing (‘CIS’) Conference, hence the theme – “CIS for Innovation and Financial Inclusion – Mikopo Kisasa!” Translated from Swahili, “Mikopo Kisasa” means “Contemporary Lending Approaches”. The conference took place on 23rd and 24th February. The Credit Information Sharing Association of Kenya (‘CIS Kenya’) hosted executive delegates, representing various segments of the credit markets in the EAC Region and beyond.

The Conference was followed by the Nairobi Business Community Summit, which took place on 25th and 26th February at the same venue, providing half-day sensitization on CIS to bank staff and credit consumers respectively on each day. Both events had an interesting and informative program, facilitated by renowned local and global experts who shared insights on fundamental aspects of CIS that are vital in managing credit risk.

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