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Why you need to join the Credit Information Sharing Association of Kenya (CIS Kenya)

Thank you for expressing your interest to take part in Credit Information Sharing. CIS Kenya will seek to be at the nerve centre of all Credit Information Sharing (CIS) activities. As the authoritative voice on CIS, it will lead in knowledge dissemination and coordination in matters of CIS. Accordingly CIS Kenya’s Winning Service Proposition is:- We provide leadership in Credit Information Sharing through advocacy, developing standards, creating awareness and enhancing risk management for the growth of a quality credit market.

CIS Kenya undertakes to offer the following to credit providers willing to participate in the CIS mechanism:

CIS Kenya’s membership categories and applicable fees are summarized in the table below;

Type of Member Registration Fees (KES) Annual Subscription Fees (KES)
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Full Member 50,000/- 100,000/- 50,000/- 250,000/-
Associate Member 100,000/–
Affiliate Member * 50,000/- * 100,000/- * 50,000/- * 200,000/-

* Fees are not applicable to donor agencies and regulators.

All members of CIS Kenya are governed and are required to abide by its Constitution and the Code of Conduct.

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