CIS Kenya's 2015 - 2019 Strategic Plan

CIS Kenya launched its 2015-2019 Strategic Plan in late October 2014. The Plan firmly shares in this belief, and is reflective of recent debates and conversations around financial inclusion and access to affordable credit. This strategy is thus designed to place CIS Kenya at the centre of transforming Africa’s credit market and to improve its quality.
The Strategic diagram below summarizes the Association’s five-year plan:

Motivated by the desire to realize the full benefits of CIS in the next five years, the Strategy seeks to entrench the use of credit reports part of routine credit management by both lenders and borrowers. Moreover, this Strategy takes cognizance of the need to bring regulators, financial services providers and credit reporting providers together around a model that works for all. CIS Kenya therefore seeks to, among others:
  1. have 748 credit providers sharing and utilising credit information by end of 2019;
  2. increase number of credit reports accessed by borrowers to 2.4 Million by end of 2019;
  3. Increase number new products designed by financial institutions using credit information by 2019.

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