Supercharge Your Collections

Credit Rating & Risk-Based Pricing Webinar

Debt Collection Course: Supercharge Your Collections

Leveraging Credit Infrastructure & Skill Sets for Optimal Collections

Date: 5th to 9th April 2021.  Days: 5

Venue: Sarova Whitesands Mombasa

What the training will cover

  1. Early warning signs of NPLs;
  2. Debt collection scorecards;
  3. How to overcome excuses – any excuse – for non-payment or delay;
  4. Collection techniques during COVID-19;
  5. How to write debt collection scripts;
  6. Mastering telephone collection techniques;
  7. CRB solutions for monitoring and collections prioritization;
  8. Compliance requirements for financial institutions under CRB Regulations, 2020;
  9. Debt collection ethical practices;
  10. How to improve the productivity of debt collection staff;
  11. Reporting on NPLs with market benchmarking;
  12. Data Protection Act, 2019 and its impact of debt collection practices;
  13. Tools to monitor portfolio spillovers and improvements;
  14. CRB risk management solutions;
  15. Feedback loop to credit origination and finance functions.

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