CIS Awareness Baseline Survey Report-2014

Credit information sharing in Kenya’s banking sector was launched on 31st July 2010. Consumer awareness is critical to ensure that the potential benefits of the mechanism are fully appreciated. With funding from FSD, the Kenya Credit Information Sharing Initiative commissioned TNS RMS East Africa Ltd. to carry out a baseline and needs assessment of the current understanding of CIS amongst all its stakeholders. This study was expected to provide valuable insights into stakeholder attitudes, perceptions and opinions about the credit information sharing mechanism. It also showed how much is understood about its operations, products and benefits.

In addition, the findings of this survey were used to design a monitoring and evaluation plan that will track and assess KCISI’s communication strategy against its objectives both short and long term. The plan informed key stakeholders about immediate outcomes, outputs and progress at every stage of the project’s implementation. Finally the survey measured the impact of the overall project after a certain period of time.

The survey was carried out by TNS RMS between May 28th and July 27th 2012. Field work was undertaken between 6th June and July 23rd 2012.

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