Call For Proposals on Policy and Research Consultancy on Credit Information Sharing

CIS Kenya, a member-based Association that brings under one umbrella all credit information sharing stakeholders, has contributed significantly to the establishment of the existing credit information sharing (CIS) framework. This framework has over the last six years evolved from a negative, bank-only data sharing framework to one in which all commercial banks and microfinance banks share full-file credit information through three licensed licensed credit bureaus (CRBs) as mandated by law. In addition, a wide range of non-banks are participating on the basis of approval from the Central Bank of Kenya, thus significantly enriching the CRB databases. CIS Kenya has set out to further strengthen the mechanism through lobbying for legal reform, consumer education, stakeholder capacity building, alternative dispute resolution, and knowlege generation. 

As the mechanism moves gradually towards maturity, there is an increasing need to measure its impact on the credit market in Kenya. CIS Kenya is looking for a consultant to develop a strategy for knowledge generation, a framework for research and reporting, framework for a standardized and harmonized credit scoring scale and conduct research on questions that will be agreed upon. The Consultant will also be expected to advice on the establishment of a Research and Policy function within CIS Kenya.

The consultant must have:

  1. Advanced university degree in Economics, Finance and Public Policy
  2. At least 10 years' experience in policy formulation or statistical research
  3. A minimum og 5 years' hands-on experience in the credit market with an emphasis in CIS and/or credit scoring
  4. Record of relevant publications related to policy and statistical research. 

All proposals must meet the expectations in the Terms of Reference and be submitted through the Proposal Submission Portal on or before 12:00pm EAT on Monday 30th January 2017. Proposal documents should not exceed 10 pages (excluding annexes).